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2017 Workshops
Vancouver Web Fest was excited to be able to present the following Workshops for the 2017 festival.

Friday, March 17

Virtual Reality: Where It's Been, How To Do It, And Where It's Going
10:00am to 12:00pm
Hammer & Tong and Zebra VR

Local VR innovators producing content discuss topics on:

  • Virtual Reality - Journey from Cinema to VR
    Retracing the evolution of film as a medium from Thomas Edison to James Cameron, through the invention of computer graphics, the internet, and the mobile revolution and now through the cognitive concepts behind VR. Proposing a unique perspective on what Virtual Reality truly can be.
  • History of VR
    Development of virtual reality over the last 50 years. Deconstructing 2016 as the "year of VR". Exploring the current limitations on growth and providing some future forecasts including entertainment, travel, education and ethics.
  • Making VR Today
    Directing a VR experience. Analyzing how VR wedges itself in between film and theatre from a production standpoint. Comparing live action VR to its counterpart- and the bridging of the gap between video games and cinema. Also exploring the realization that indeed the user is the true director in VR.
  • Ethical Self Brain Hacking
    Reality is built inside the brain. We will show how some of our work will allow people to unlock its own brain, build new neuro-patterns to learn easier and faster, or to reconstruct harmed neuro-patterns to a faster recovery from illness.
    Using brain code and patterns are a powerful tool to engage your own brain for higher levels of learning, training, and medical recovery. The analytics obtained through the process create a positive feedback chain to make wiser and more informed decisions. This is the perfect storm for the interaction among software, hardware, and computer vision applications.

James Kingstone
Vancouver, Canada
Producer/Director/Partner at Hammer & Tong

James is a producer/director and one half of Hammer & Tong working in traditional cinema and mixed realities as well as founding the East Van Showcase and spending time on various cinematic event initiatives. Having shot at different spots around the world, James spends most of his time in Vancouver and Seattle these days, working on his dystopian webseries and as many VR hackathons as he can attend. He directed his first VR experience in Seattle in 2016, and it was love at first sight.

Sean Ronan
Vancouver, Canada
Producer/Partner at Hammer & Tong

Sean is a producer working in traditional cinema and mixed realities. A long-time Vancouverite, his work has taken him to Amsterdam, Iran, and Black RocK City, and in addition to films includes journalism, music videos, political campaigns, and immersive experiences. A partner at Hammer & Tong, Sean currently has a webseries in development with Telefilm and an interactive fiction in tech trials at CoMotion Labs. He recently debuted his first virtual reality experience at X-sightings in Seattle.

David Feuillatre
Vancouver, Canada
Founder and CEO of Zebra VR

Internationally trained and experienced, diplomed from ESRA Film School in Paris and the International Center of Photography in NYC, David is an award winning Visual Effects Supervisor, Director, and Documentary Photographer. Combining fluent knowledge in storytelling, documentary and visual effects techniques, David’s unique eye allows him to capture the precious truths of life and replicate or recreate them from a new vision with superb accuracy.

His intricate knowledge of visual storytelling and mastered VFX specialties have warranted companies such as Sony Pictures Imageworks (Los Angeles and Vancouver), Framestore (London), Weta Digital (New Zealand) and MPC (Vancouver) to request his expertise for avant-garde feature films, including three Best Visual Effects Academy Award winner and one in selection: James Cameron’s Avatar, Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight, Life of Pi, Superman: Man of Steel, and many more.

As a VFX Supervisor and Senior Cloth Technical Director, he has taught his skills amongst schools in Canada, France and Nepal, currently holding a faculty position at Think Tank Training Center in North Vancouver, elected best school in computer graphics in Canada and 3rd worldwide in 2015. As a solo artist, David created a 13-part series of short documentary pieces mapping his journey across several countries and offering unique insight on the links between geopolitics and the spiritual in asia and the middle east.

David currently lives and works in Vancouver, BC, always ready to take on new challenges as a Director and VFX Supervisor/Producer.

Lucas Kappaz
Los Angeles, United States
Co-Founder & CRO at VRAmericas

Prior to embarking in the VRAmericas venture with friends and colleagues Mr. Kappaz started working in the media industry in 2005 when he started working for Colombia’s biggest broadcaster, RCN Television. At RCN, he led the most ambitious expansion in the history of the network by more than quadrupling its production infrastructure. As part of the management committee, he served in the development and programming teams in charge of analyzing content development and green-lighting production.

He was promoted to vice president of international channels, where he was responsible for overseeing finance, distribution, programming, sales, and operations over two cable networks, a worldwide distributed entertainment channel, and a 24-hour Spanish news channel distributed in the Americas. As head of international channels, Mr. Kappaz was responsible for conducting negotiations between Fox International Channels and RCN Television, which ultimately resulted in the formation of a multimillion dollar Hispanic network in the United States: MundoFOX, which he joined as SVP of Digital Strategy and Content Distribution. At MundoFox Digital, Mr. Kappaz was always evaluating cutting-edge strategies to create native digital content as well as original experiences for the audience in which mobile screens became a “multi-camera” options to provide the viewer with different angles on certain scenes.

After MundoFOX Mr. Kappaz Mesklum LLC to provide consulting services on digital and traditional media. His clients include MCN’s Networks and non-media companies in need to establish their digital footprint. Mr. Kappaz holds a Master of Business Administration from the Yale School of Management and a Bachelor of Science in Economics from the Universidad de los Andes in Colombia. He has volunteered for over 20 years teaching people with disabilities practice sports. He and his wife Rosa live in Santa Monica, California, with their two children.

Alternate Reality Marketing
12:15pm to 12:45pm
The Station Game
Discussions around the strategies behind and insites into marketting VR Storytelling. Leading up to the launch of the game, the narrative has been extended into an Alternate-Reality Website - you can watch the story unfold live at www.ExploreAxiom.com. From the moment the alien exo-planet world is discovered, the universe of The Station will be shared through this story-centric website and become the central pillar of our marketing campaign.

The Station is a first-person exploration game set on a space station sent to study a sentient alien civilization. Assuming the role of a recon specialist, players must unravel a mystery which will decide the fate of two civilizations.


Dave Fracchia
Vancouver, Canada
Executive Producer

Dave has led some of the world’s largest game projects as Studio Head and Vice President of Technology at Radical Entertainment. During his tenure, he was involved in the development of games such as Crash Bandicoot and Prototype, and most recently led the Radical team in supporting technology and mobile development for Bungie’s acclaimed title Destiny. He holds a Ph.D. in computer graphics and has held teaching posts at Simon Fraser University and Yale.

Dave Fracchia
Vancouver, Canada

Mike is a video game producer with experience overseeing daily workflow, operations, and quality assurance. He has previous experience in producing and project managing games for companies such as V7 Entertainment, THQ/Relic Entertainment, Smoking Gun Interactive, and Bell Canada. He has experience with agile management and scrum techniques help ensure valuable production time is optimized and prioritized as well. Additionally, he has a wide range of experience in business units ranging from marketing to corporate investigations. Mike has consulted on several past indie projects and also regularly advises on projects at the Centre for Digital Media.

Kevin Harwood
Vancouver, Canada
Creative Director

Kevin is The Station IP owner and has a strong background in world building and video game story-telling. He is a creative consultant with design and development experience on independent titles such as The Black Shuck (Chromium Games), TinyRealms (TinyMobs) and CounterStory (World Tribe Media). He currently leads the creative development of The Station.

Faster, Better, Stronger- Achieving High Production Value On Low Production Budget
1:00pm to 2:00pm

Learn tips on creating great looking content using Adobe Creative Cloud tools. Shortcuts, hidden features and new innovations in the Adobe Digital Video and Audio tools can make your content look and sound great. Get an overview and some great tips and tricks as well as resources for additional ways to get the most out of your work.

Bronwyn Lewis
Seattle, United States
Production Manager

Bronwyn is the Product Manager for mobile video editing at Adobe. She has a background in film, multi-media performance, event production, making art with kids and applying glitter to faces. Bronwyn is a cat enthusiast, artist, and a serial costume contest winner. She holds a white belt in karate.

Legal Issues in the Digital Age
2:15pm to 3:45pm

Altman and Company Entertainment & Media Attorney Jeff Young discusses some of the pitfalls and benefits of the digital age. Subjects include Music Rights, Rights of Publicity, Rights of Privacy, Defamation, The Public Domain, Copyright, Trademarks, Parody and Satire, Images and footage, Errors and Omissions, Protecting your rights and property. Bring your questions for this comprehensive legal workshop!

Jeff Young
Vancouver, Canada
Entertainment & Media Attorney

Jeff Young is an active member of the Law Society of British Columbia, Canada and a member of the State Bar of California, USA. Jeff is also a registered and active Canadian Trademark Agent.

Jeff received his Bachelor of Law degree from the University of British Columbia, where he also studied Commerce, before beginning his twenty-five year legal career which started in corporate and real estate law, and ultimately focused on intellectual property, new media, sports and entertainment, particularly in film/TV and music. During his successful legal career, Jeff has negotiated with major entertainment and media corporations including Virgin, BMG, Disney, Sony, 20 th Century Fox, Paramount and Warner/Chappell. From 2011 to 2013, Jeff was the Director of Contracts and Chief Negotiator for the Union of BC Performers, the British Columbia branch of ACTRA. He has acted for and advised award winning recording artists and leading film and television performers, and was a managing partner of an entertainment law boutique that represented international, local major, and independent film and TV clients. From 2008 to 2010, Jeff was a legal consultant to the Vancouver Organizing Committee for the 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games on entertainment and digital media issues. His past clients included music publishers, film companies, sports franchises and live entertainment venues and his practice primarily focused on negotiating business deals involving media, film, music, sports and entertainment. Companies that have received his legal work include Fox Family Channel, the OutTV Network, The Vancouver Whitecaps, Shavick Entertainment, and the Shaw Rocket Fund.

Jeff is an adjunct professor of law at the University of Victoria where he teaches film, television, media and music law. Jeff has also taught Film Law and New Media Law in the Faculty of Business, School of New Media at the British Columbia Institute of Technology and was the founding Head of the Entertainment Business Management Diploma Program at the Vancouver Film School. Jeff was also formerly the head instructor of the Public Speaking program at the UBC Faculty of Commerce and taught and wrote adjunct curriculum for the Continuing Legal Education Society of British Columbia.

Jeff was also a music composer, producer and supervisor with credits on numerous critically-acclaimed recordings including projects delivered to Warner, Universal, CBC, CTV, NBC, Global and the Knowledge Network, and was affiliated with a prominent US music supervisor with Oscar and Grammy award-winning credits. Jeff is also credited as the surround sound music mix engineer for some of Vivendi Universal & Radical Entertainment' most prestigious video games: Dark Angel, The Hulk and The Simpson's Hit and Run, considered by many critics to be “the best Simpsons game ever”.

Previously, Jeff has acted as lead counsel on one of the largest business immigration cases in Canada, a case that ultimately won at the Supreme Court of Canada. He has also been the Vice-President of a medium-sized Vancouver-based media company as its executive business development advisor.

Jeff is based in Vancouver, Canada, and his hobbies are skiing, attending symphonic concerts and hockey and soccer games.

Build Your Audience Online In Five Easy Steps!
4:00pm to 5:00pm

Sponsored by UBCP/ACTRA
Magnify Digital

Join Magnify Digital CEO, Moyra Rodger, for a fast paced presentation revealing the five essential steps of every successful online audience building strategy. This session is a must see for content creators and distributors looking to crack the discoverability code.

Special Guest - Joely Collins, producer of the award winning web series, Coded.

Moyra Rodger
Vancouver, Canada
CEO - Magnify Digital

Multi-award winning producer Moyra Rodger has, for over 20 years, circled the globe creating music, lifestyle and documentary programming for prime time television and digital distribution.

In 2008, building on a decade of success and experimentation creating interactive online content, Moyra launched Magnify Digital. The boutique digital agency specializes in online marketing strategy, advertising, and training for the screen media industry. Magnify is a front runner in researching and designing comprehensive audience building strategies that deliver measurable results. The recently launched Magnify Discovery Lab offers unparalleled training for content creators and distributors wanting to learn how to drive dynamic audience engagement themselves.

Moyra is a sought after speaker, consultant, and thought leader, passionate about the subjects of audience engagement, content strategy, and digital rights.

Joely Collins
Vancouver, Canada
President - Million Faces Productions

Joely Collins is a Canadian, award-winning producer, director and actress with over 20 years experience in the film and television industry. Her most recent project is the multi award-winning digital series “CODED”, which is currently screening on the festival circuit. Her feature film “Becoming Redwood”, a quirky, heart-warming, coming-of-age story, became an instant hit on the festival circuit and won Best Canadian Feature at the Edmonton International Film Festival and Most Popular Canadian Film at the Vancouver International Film Festival. With her production company Million Faces, Joely is actively producing films, television series and digital media projects. She is also passionate about directing and empowering women in film.


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