VR has arrived at the same time as the younger generations have begun moving away from traditional storytelling mediums.


Tired of being told how to consume media, VR gives the power to the user and allows them to interact with the material in such a way that simulates an actual experience much more powerful than watching a show.


Vancouver Web Fest is providing a space to introduce VR experiences to a growing new-technology driven populous.




New Website, Logo, Venue and Dates

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Vancouver Web Fest At NATPE 2018

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The 5th Annual Vancouver Web Festival

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Executive Director/Founder

Suzette Laqua


Director of Development

Paula Hoffmann


Brand Manager

Stephanie Michelle Scott

Would you like to contribute your time to the Vancouver Web Festival? We would love to hear from you. Please send an email attention to the Volunteer Coordinator.


Countdown until next year's festival:


Canada’s Premiere International Web Fest

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FEB. SALE $199

FEB. SALE $199

FEB. SALE $199

FEB. SALE $199