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Oh.... stop.... you're making us blush

Some of the nice things people are saying about us...

"I've been to a number of web festivals in the past year and this is one of the absolute best by far! Thanks to Suzette and her team for the amazing hospitality and warmth. The speed-dating session they set up with online platforms and production companies was top notch. It was one of the best networking experiences I've had so far. Plus, I met so many incredible online creators and producers. Just very professional all the way around. Thanks for including us!"

Robyn Paris
The Room Actors: Where Are They Now?
Los Angeles, USA

“I cannot speak highly enough about The Vancouver Web Festival and its incredible organizers! The passion and love for the work is evident in their care for artists and their support of a wide breadth of genres and stories featured. Beyond showcasing premium talent in this rapidly emerging market, The Vancouver Web Festival works hard to create and support a community of shared ideas and furthering education within the sector. Their group panels and informative discussions are well attended and greatly appreciated by artists already well into their careers, as well as ones who are just beginning to build their reels. But the chance to learn and grow doesn’t end there—Suzette Laqua, the festival’s creator, has an infectious zeal for connecting people and making everything she touches downright entertaining. Speed dating style Q&As with industry leaders and game show style informational sessions are just two of the formats she uses to engage audiences and presenters in a learning environment, keeping the festival focused on the future while having fun in the present. Web Festival week is an industry event not to be missed!”

Lindsay Elizabeth Donovan
Director of Sales, Technicolor Vancouver
Vancouver, CANADA

"Thank you for welcoming us into your vibrant, wonderful city and, more importantly, into the tight-knit, supportive community you've created. To be honored at such an event was unspeakably humbling. Your amazing team of volunteers made us feel immediately at home while orchestrating a fun, stress-free weekend, and your generosity and enthusiasm set the joyful tone. We are so grateful to be able to call you all friends as well as peers.

From the insight offered through your workshops, to the high quality of the official selections, the whole weekend was worthwhile and inspiring. The networking opportunities were on fleek (as the kids say) as well! We knew from the first handshake that you all shared the same goal as us: to make new meaningful connections.

Speed-dating was certainly a highlight of the weekend -- it gave our team the first opportunity we have had to really practice our elevator pitch, and I can tell you we learned a lot from the repetition and focus it required. It also made approaching the big-wigs that much easier for the remainder of the festival and led to stimulating conversation.

This is all to say bravo on a fantastic festival! We hope to see you again and again for many years to come!"

Dolan, Caitlin & Sean
New York, USA

“My absolute favorite web series festival and probably the best one out there. It's not just a screening, it's a marketplace. Every web series creator should submit to this wonderful team.”

Christina de Leon
Nasty Habits
Los Angeles, USA

“Great festival and amazing staff. Communication was always quick and very clear. Best compliment I can give is that everything came across as very organized and straight forward - unlike some of the other festivals we have played. Loved VWF and would highly recommend.”

Ant Horasanli
Mississauga, CANADA

“Had a great time and met a lot of interesting people. Vancouver is a beautiful city as well.”

Herman Wang
The Spell Tutor
Toronto, CANADA

“We have been lucky enough to attend VWF with our web series for two years now and have nothing but amazing things to say about it! From content, to networking, to super fun nightly events- they never disappoint. The entire VWF team runs the festival without a hitch and communication throughout the year leading up to the event is above and beyond. Vancouver is beautiful and our team found it nearly impossible to drag ourselves back to the states afterwards to return home! Suzette & everyone involved in the festival simply have a way of making everyone involved feel like family.”

Melissa Malone
Or So The Story Goes
Weehawken, USA

“Great festival, everyone involved puts in so much work. Comfy chairs!”

Tony Becerra
Seattle, USA

“Amazing festival with tons of great networking opportunities. The "speed dating" pitch session is a master class in a skill every content creator must become proficient in. The keynote speakers were extremely valuable resources, the location was enough to make this American want to become Canadian, and have you seen the falcons? Tons of personality and heart go into making this fest a MUST for any digital series creator. Go. Go.”

M Elizabeth Eller
Manic Pixie Dream Wife
Seattle, USA

"THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR AN ABSOLUTELY AMAZING WEEKEND!!!!!! It was perfect. It reflected Vancouver's film and art community so beautifully. You and your whole team are truly inspiring. Cannot wait for next year.....and I know I am one of hundreds around the globe who feel that way!!!!"

Sheri Rabold
Single And Dating In Vancouver
Vancouver, CANADA

“Vancouver Webfest wasn’t just one of the best (if not THE best) webfest I’ve attended but it was up there as one of the best film events I’ve attended in Vancouver over the last 15yrs. Massive congratulations.”

Neil Every
Fools For Hire
Vancouver, CANADA

“Last week I ended my cross country road trip in Vancouver at the Vancouver Web Fest representing Teenagers Web Series. Hands down, this was the best and most organized festival I’ve attended so far in my career. Top notch content, packed screenings, and intoxicating energy. Suzette Laqua is such an inspiring and powerful woman and I am so honoured to have been recognized at her festival. Thank you, Suzette, for championing web content and for giving us a platform to shine on.”

Mathew Murray
Director & Co-writer
Mississauga, CANADA

“Thanks again for your congratulations too, but I think you deserve them more than we do. Indeed, no one forced you, Suzette, to found a festival which organization must obviously be very time and energy-consuming. Even more wrongly today than in the past, web series remain underestimated, if not despised works. Events like the one you created contribute to making them recognized and to strongly encouraging creators by giving meaning to their efforts. Therefore, your action is purely and simply invaluable. So I mean it when I say that all of the "Persuasif" team truly thanks you again and, thus, congratulates you. We hope we'll be able to attend an edition of the Vancouver Web Fest one day, with or without a series to champion.”

Paris, France

What was your favourite part of Vancouver Web Fest?

“My favorite part of the festival was being given the opportunity to speak with other film makers, those in Vancouver or Canada…people I met from around the world. It was really great to talk and share ideas and experiences of what’s going on now and what’s coming up in the future. It was an opportunity to meet a lot of professionals, especially being an American going up to Canada and getting to see exactly what the Vancouver film scene is like. It was very cool, I very much enjoyed it.”

Kevin S. Keppy
Shadow Bound
Springfield, USA

“My favorite part of Vancouver Web Fest was meeting very up close and personally all the other creators. ”

Tom Chamberlain
Producer/Lead Actor
The Pantsless Detective
Austin, USA

“Meeting so many people at Vancouver Web Fest who are enthusiastic, from festival goers to the other creators, we’re just blown away by that. ”

Dipu Bhattacharya,
The Pantsless Detective
Austin, USA

“I certainly thought that some of the best parts about Vancouver Web Fest were the free popcorn, the set up was wonderful with big couches, beautiful red lounge chairs…the venue was stunning. It was perfect to have the same venue for all the events; screenings, parties and awards. Another thing I really liked was the free donuts and coffee for the morning screenings, that was perfect!”

Lisa Kimberley Hughes
Actress Diaries
Vanocuver, CANADA

“What I got most from Vancouver Web Fest was how much love there was. It was so personal and there was a great energy among all of the webseries makers and visitors who were there to watch the shows. I just want to say really well done and best of luck for next year. Thank you!”

Marie Caffrey

“My favorite part…I have lots of favorite parts…but the atmosphere of the venue was amazing. The networking opportunities and being able to come and go from the theatre without leaving the venue. ”

Ryan Pears
Under the HUD
Vancouver, CANADA

“We were honored to be nominated and so impressed with how it was run. The projection was so great, technically two thumbs up! Not your typical seating, the big comfortable red chairs, made it so easy to be there for a long time. The VWF team, the volunteers and Suzette were really great, they really made a big effort to reach out to the filmmakers to make them feel at home. It was so lovely, thank very much.”

Lauren Mora
Van Nuys, USA

“One of the best of parts of Vancouver Web Fest was the Saturday night karaoke, that was a lot of fun! The band on Sunday night, Kentish Steele, amazing! I also enjoyed the discussions after each block of the screenings with the filmmakers, very interesting and informative. ”

Henry J. Mah
Vancouver, CANADA

“The range of talent that was at Vancouver Web Fest was just terrific! ”

Deb Sears
Stage/Screen/Voice-over Actor
Vancouver, CANADA

“My favorite part of Vancouver Web Fest was the amount of AMAZING entries. There was not a bad one in the bunch. It was amazing seeing so many awesome shows from all over the world.”

Matthew Smolen
Chris & Josh
Altona North, AUSTRALIA

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