Suzette Laqua

Executive Director/Founder

Liam Callander

Program Assistant

Sofía Auer

Box Office Coordinator

Linda Givetash

Blog and Newsletter Support

Bojan Dulabic

Website Designer

Paula Hoffmann

Director of Development

Mitch Hulse

Stage Manager

Cleo Yeh

Assistant Volunteer Coordinator

Ben Dobyns

Programming Coordinator

Myles Liversidge

Director of IT

Amar Mirchandani

Program Coordinator

Stephanie Michelle Scott

Brand Manager | VIP Liason

Susie Lee

VWF Correspondent

Shiva Kashi

Program Director

Gordon Au

Event Manager

Alessandro Di Francesco

Director of International Relations


Kristin Jackson

Graphic Designer




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Vancouver Web Fest At NATPE 2018

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The 5th Annual Vancouver Web Festival

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Executive Director/Founder

Suzette Laqua


Director of Development

Paula Hoffmann


Brand Manager

Stephanie Michelle Scott

Would you like to contribute your time to the Vancouver Web Festival? We would love to hear from you. Please send an email attention to the Volunteer Coordinator.


Countdown until next year's festival:


Canada’s Premiere International Web Fest



An Entrepreneur, Executive Producer and Writer of TV, Digital Series and Short Films, Suzette brought her vision to Found the VWF in 2014.


“It’s so humbling and gratifying to see the joy Vancouver Web Fest brings to creators and their teams…the life long friendships that have been made…the deals & contracts signed…the free hugs…thank you all for making VWF possible! Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.”

As a voice actor, 1000’s  know of Paula’s many characters. As Director of Development, Paula often must use her versatility to anticipate the needs of our VWF audience to envision the panels and workshops that really matter

Some may suggest that with an Associate Degree in Mechanical Engineering and Design VWF’s IT Director, Myles Liversidge is overqualified, but with the VWF’s growing digital focus, his quick solutions have provided an ‘Oscar-like touch to screenings, galas and any last minute needs he is voluntold ( by wife Suzette) to design.

Founder and producer at Eriol Pictures Inc, a socially empowered film production company and advocate for freedom of speech, civil liberties, and transparency. There is no better person to ensure our Official Selections, Screener & Judges communication voiced. Her role is an essential one to holding the VWF’s long standing reputation for integrity and fair opportunity to be screened and celebrated at our festival.

200+ Entries, 50+ Screeners 15 Judges from 10 countries. It take a team to help Shiva in the fair grading of content submissions. But Liam is no stranger to such potential chaos. He is an independent filmmaker and busy production coordinator at Nitrogen Studios (known for Sausage Party and the Trollhunters television series.)

Our VWF Awards Show is more than a offering of accomplishment it provides entertainment, education and celebration to all those that took part at our 3 day festival and supported us in the 1 year leading up to the event.  Mitch’s expertise for film festivals in both the US and Canada ( Whistler Film Fest + Summit, Boulder Film Fest) allows hims to masterfully conduct our run-of-show, and onstage talent.

It may be a lesser spoken asset but everyone who meets Amar appreciates his (award winning) aptitude for leadership and event storytelling that he shares at Vancouver online publication, 604now. As our Creator Day Manager, YouTubers and content creators love his ability to work with them to showcase their best at the festival.

Gordon has been with the VWF since 2015 (nearly day one) and holds a unique perspective to help us grow efficiently. His Event planning experience to many prestigious events such as , Big Data Week, Rifflandia, Music 4.5 seminars, Canada Day London celebrations, the Juno Awards and the Car Free Day festivals, locally drawing over 10 000 people.  We know his team leadership and logistical wheelhouse will help VWF explode in the best possible way in it’s 5th exciting year.

This may be Sofia’s 1st VWF but her attention to both the administrative and valuable festival goer experience makes her the best 1st contact to welcome you to our festival family.

With over 15 years in film communications and Short form storytelling Stephanie works diligently to ensure no matter what the original draw, creators, experts and media can learn and share in every VWF opportunity..

As Head of External Relations for the Roma Web Fest (2013),Roma Web Fashion Film Fest 2013, and multimedia art projects, both nationally and internationally. Alessandro brings to VWF on-the-ground access to the European Festival Scene.

The VWF is pleased to welcome multimedia (print, television and digital) journalist to major news outlets, Linda Givetash brings her inviting wordplay to VWF blogs, newsletters and festival promotions.


“ An avid storyteller, Linda joined VWF 2018 to help put a spotlight on the ever-changing world of online video and promote the creative talents in B.C. and abroad. “



Why VWF? Because I love storytelling in all forms, and I’m excited to

be joining a vibrant and diverse team that celebrates creators in the

digital space.

We are blessed to have Suzie with us as our Spokesperson and On- site Correspondent.  And who doesn’t adore this Vancouver Actor and travel show host. Don’t miss her past work on our Youtube channel (link)and look for her at the festival, that’s if she’s not off on another adventure somewhere around the world.

Kristin Jackson is an accomplished graphic designer in print and web, working in the advertising, design, social media and corporate communications fields. It takes a keen eye to develop a visual theme and we consult with Kristen each year in the fest’s theme creation an rely on her to bringing it all together in the Festival Guide. Having been with VWF for all five years, her continuity in design for this evolving festival is a joy to us.

To say that Bojan is a Jack of all trades is an understatement, he’s our King of Content. Actor/writer/director, 3D artist and owner of Dulabic Studio,  (multimedia production to film, vfx and graphic & web design) Do you love the Website you’re on- That’s the brainchild of this 4 year friend of the festival.