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2016 Panels
Vancouver Web Fest was honored to have the following Panelists for the 2016 festival:

Full Spectrum Development and Distribution
sponsored by OUTtv
Saturday March 19, 11:05am - 12:05pm
OUTtv - Your Series is Complete… Now What?

After the haze of production and the battle of post, your series is finally ready for the world. But where to start? Jack Fox and Nicky Forsman from OUTtv - Canada’s only LGBT television network - offer an inside look at how to option, market and broadcast your original content. From what networks seek to how to package marketing assets and make sure your show gets the press it deserves, it’s all here:

Getting it Found: The first step in bringing your content to a larger stage is getting it out there. Nicky & Jack will discuss the best ways to get your project in front of acquisition teams and the importance of having a marketing and distribution plan before you’ve shot a single frame.

Getting it Sold: You know your creative is good but now you need to get a deal done. What does that look like in a quickly changing marketplace and what are the little things you can do to make this a painless process for yourself and your buyers.

Getting to the next Yes: Once you’ve sold one project, what does it take to make the next one and how on earth do you get someone else to pay for it?!

Andra Sheffer
Toronto, Canada
CEO, Independent Production Fund and Cogeco Fund, British Columbia

Andra Sheffer is the CEO of two private funds supporting the Canadian digital media, television and film industries: the Independent Production Fund which invests in drama series created for digital platforms; and the COGECO Program Development Fund for the development of digital drama and production of television drama. She was the founding Executive Director of the Bell Fund (1997-2014) which supports interactive digital media projects associated with Canadian television programs. Previously, she was the founding Executive Director of the Academy of Canadian Cinema and Television producing the annual Genie and Gemini Awards (now the Canadian Screen Awards). She lectures on the business of television and digital media and is the editor of publications about the business of TV and digital media production: New Media, New Business: The Producer’s Guide (2001), Create a Winning Proposal – the Handbook for New Media Producers (1999) and the co-editor of MAKING IT: The business of film and television production in Canada (1986 & 1995). She also served as Managing Director of the Toronto International Film Festival, with the federal government as a Certification Officer setting up the original CAVCO office (and Canadian content “point” system), and at the Film Festivals Bureau promoting Canadian films internationally. She has been awarded the Digital Media Trail Blazer award by the Academy of Canadian Cinema and Television, the Champion of Digital Innovation Tribute at Merging Media, an Award of Achievement by the Digi Awards, an Outstanding Achievement Award by the Youth Media Alliance and has been inducted as an Industry Builder into the Playback Hall of Fame. She is a member of the Board of Interactive Ontario and of Women in Film and Television.


Nicky Forsman
Vancouver, Canada

Nicky is the Head of Creative for OUTtv, she has experience producing and directing over 130 hours of television content. Her most recent work includes documentary series Kitty 911, lifestyle series Operation: Vacation and a new educational drama #STI.

Jack Fox
Vancouver, Canada

Jack’s background is in television and radio production; he has produced 70 episodes of the magazine show OutlookTV, as well as the pilot for The Switch, the first ever transgender sitcom. In addition to his TV experience, he’s produced two documentaries: Changing Keys: The Sara Davis Buechner Story and Why Go Through That? He’s participated on numerous judging panels including TO Webfest 2015, the Vancouver Pride Legacy Awards and the Mr. Gay Canada Competition, and is honoured to be part of the judging panel for Vancouver Web Fest 2016.

Comedy - Strategies For Today's Internet
Sunday March 20, 11:05am - 12:05pm
Ever wonder about how to make your comedy more effective in today's complex internet world? This panel takes on questions like.
  • What are the different strategies of getting audiences engagement and how do you get the audience to engage online vs live?
  • How are audiences being reached? Specifically addressing the transition from the early 2000's to Web 2.0.
  • What type of humour works best on each platform?
  • Where to get started creating your own comedy web series?
  • What are the ideas/jokes that always seem to work?
  • How to build a fan base on line? How to stand out in an overcrowded marketplace?
  • What are the best tools for collaboration?
  • What is the future of online comedy?
  • How does Web 3.0 comes into play?
  • What is the culture of mashup and what it means for content creators?

Jameson Parker
Vancouver, Canada

Jameson Parker is an award winning actor and producer who, along with David Kaye, founded Whiskaye Films in 2008 while attending the University of British Columbia.

He has directed music videos for local and international artists including Anami Vice, The Simpson Brothers Band, and his video for Fake Shark Real Zombie’s single Girls can be seen on Much Music. In 2014 he directed “The Price is Precise”, a sketch written by 3-time Canadian Comedy Award Winning sketch duo Peter N’ Chris for internet comedy giant CollegeHumor.

In 2015 Jameson and Whiskaye Films signed a production deal with Shawn Williamson and Brightlight Pictures where they now produce and develop all of their properties as well as filling out Brightlight’s development team. In the same year he served as Associate Producer on the made-for-TV-movie The Mechanics of Love for Pixl starring Shanae Grimes and Tyler Hynes.

Currently Jameson serves as Executive Producer on White Ninja, the first narrative series developed for the Vine platform, starring Paul Scheer, as well as directing 5 episodes for the series. He is also producing a half hour comedy pilot with Don Ferguson Productions that is currently in network development with Paul F. Tompkins attached as a Creative Consultant and just finished shooting Whiskaye Films’ first feature film Prodigals, starring David Alpay, Sara Canning, and Tiio Horn."

Nick Uhas
Los Angeles, US
Entrepreneur/Pro Skater

Nick Uhas started his career in media at the age of 17 when he became a professional stunt rollerblader for Team Rollerblade USA. While competitively skating Nick attended college with a focus in Biology at The Ohio State University. He continued his science focus at OSU where he became a publish chemist in the field of Organic Chemistry, and worked for the College of Anatomical Sciences as an anatomy instructor. Nick then furthered his studies learning about video production and Economics at Yale University.

Nick left college working as a host for “The Making of College Musical The Movie”, a feature film directed by YouTube mogul Kurt Schneider, and staring cast member Allison Williams of the HBO series Girls. After 3 months on the set of College Musical in New Haven, CT Nick moved south to work video production at the new media comedy website College Humor in New York City. Shortly after his work with Barry Dillard’s IAC, Nick began working as a host for EAsylum, an entertainment focused TV show.

After 3 years in New York City, Nick became a House Guest on CBS’s Reality TV show Big Brother 15. Soon after he began hosting and producing a pop-science YouTube show called “Nickipedia”. In the Nickiepdia series, Nick explains life’s quirky questions through science with pranks, experiments, and collaboration videos. The web-series perfectly aligned him to work as a host and producer for The Weather Channel’s pop-science show called “Brain Storm”, which aired through April 2015. Most recently the web-series “Nickipedia” landed Nick a live science segment on NBC’s TODAY show, Dr.Oz, and the Australian national news show The Today show.

Tyler Funk
Vancouver, Canada

Tyler Funk is an award winning writer and director who has screened numerous short films at festivals around the world.

In additional to his narrative filmmaking Tyler Funk is the founder of North Of Now, a digital production company producing branded digital content and broadcast commercials. With multiple USA broadcast ads and millions of views on YouTube North Of Now has won multiple awards and produced over 40 pieces of content for major brands.

Tyler Funk is the creator and showrunner of the White Ninja digital series. The world’s first narrative Vine series starring Paul Scheer.

Scott Bevan
Saskatchewan, Canada

Scott Bevan has been writing White Ninja comics since 1996. He was thirteen years old at the time. It became a thing on the Internet six years later due to incredible, lottery-winning luckiness. On their preposterously popular website, Bevan and co-writer Kent Earle published three cartoons weekly for ten or so years until they stopped for no real good reason. Prior to the Vine series launch, White Ninja was most currently famous as a meme in which, brandishing a stick, he pokes at things that suck.

Bevan currently resides in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, famous for it's cold, cold weather and unnerving crime per capita. He has a wife and son whom he loves dearly and worries about constantly.

Brandi Bertrand
JFL Northwest
Program Director

Brandi Bertrand is a Vancouver-based entrepreneur and the Programming Director for Vancouver’s 10-day Comedy Festival, JFL NorthWest.

Upon moving to British Columbia from Alberta in 2005, Brandi pursued Web Development & Marketing, acquiring a wealth of experience from a broad spectrum of employers including the world’s largest dating website, Plenty Of Fish and Canada’s largest urban weekly, the Georgia Straight.

Hungry to invest exclusively in performers and producers, Brandi launched her own business in 2012. inVamp Entertainment has since produced, programmed and promoted comedy events and content for Union Events, Pemberton Music Festival and NorthWest Podcast Fest, along with dozens of clubs, venues and independent artists.

1234 - Fake Street Vancouver, BC XXX XXX 604.123.4567