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For Immediate Release
Vancouver Web Fest 2016 Official Selections Announced

VANCOUVER WEB FEST (VWF) announces their 2016 Official Selections in 12 genres for the 3rd annual festival to be held March 17 to 20, 2016, at Performance Works on Vancouver’s Granville Island. These Official Selections are up for awards across 23 categories.

Vancouver Web Fest is proud to announce that Sparkling Hill Resort (Vernon, BC) and its owner, Mr. Gernot Langes-Swarovski, will sponsor the VWF2016 awards trophy. Sparkling Hill Resort has had this beautiful crystal trophy custom designed as a one-of-a-kind through Swarovski in Austria. The new trophy will be unveiled during the awards ceremony March 20th, 2016.

“I am so honoured to have Sparkling Hill Resort and Mr. Gernot Langes-Swarovski as key sponsors for VWF2016. After the incredibly difficult selection process due to the outstanding digital series submitted this year from around the world, it will be an absolute pleasure to award the winners these stunning trophies,” says Suzette Laqua, Founder and Executive Director. “Congratulations to all who submitted and best of luck to the 2016 Official Selections”

VWF2016 continues on the successes of its previous years, bringing together International and Canadian digital content creators, producers and viewers to celebrate entertainment and programming created exclusively for the Internet. The four-day festival will host workshops, screenings, pitch sessions, networking, industry panels, parties and an awards ceremony and gala.

With the incredible success of both VWF2014 and VWF2015, Paula Hoffmann, Director of Development, shared this, “I am so impressed with the quality of the shows we received this year and want to congratulate everyone that submitted. It’s been so exciting to witness the evolution the independent digital series over the past 3 years and I wish all the creators who submitted the best of luck with their shows.”

The VWF Team would like to thank all those who submitted and express how difficult it was to choose the following VWF2016 Official Selections and Nominees.

Each of these official selections (in Alphabetical order) is also considered a nominee for Best of in their Genre. Congratulations to:
20 Seconds to LiveHorror (UNITED STATES)
AirLock Science Fiction (AUSTRALIA)
Arlington PassagesDocumentary (CANADA)
ArthurAction/Adventure (SWITZERLAND)
Bennington Gothique Mystery/Thriller (UNITED STATES)
Black Action/Adventure (USA)
Burning Wishes Comedy (IRELAND)
Capitol HillComedy (UNITED STATES)
CodedDrama (CANADA)
Couch SurfingComedy (UNITED STATES)
Dark DarknessFantasy (UNITED STATES)
DesenterradosHorror (SPAIN)
Empty SpaceComedy (UNITED STATES)
Fragments of FridayComedy (AUSTRALIA)
Garage Sale Diaries Reality (CANADA)
Gifted CorporationAction/Adventure (BASQUE COUNTRY)
Growing Up Guide Pup Family (UNITED STATES)
Heard in Bars (Entendu Dans les Bars)Comedy (CANADA)
High Road – Comedy (NEW ZEALAND)
History Bombs Series OneReality (UNITED KINGDOM)
HomogenDocumentary (CANADA)
HorizonScience Fiction (UNITED KINGDOM)
Il SonnambuloHorror (UNITED STATES)
Late Bloomer Reality (UNITED STATES)
Les Berges (The Banks)Drama (CANADA)
Listen Up: Making it at Berklee College of MusicReality (UNITED STATES)
Livin' The Dream Comedy (UNITED STATES)
Manic Pixie Dream Wife Comedy (UNITED STATES)
Mortus CorporatusComedy (FRANCE)
MythosFantasy (CANADA)
Nia’s Extra Ordinary LifeFamily (NEW ZEALAND)
Nikola Tesla and the End of the WorldScience Fiction (UNITED KINGDOM)
No More Parents (Avec pas de parents)Family (CANADA)
Number of Silence - Mystery/Thriller (GERMANY)
Or So the Story Goes Horror (UNITED STATES)
Phoenix RunScience Fiction (UNITED STATES)
RAPTScience Fiction (IRELAND)
RiftworldScience Fiction (CANADA)
Sacrificed! In the Name of ScienceAnimation (UNITED STATES)
Shorts About Giants Animation (ARGENTINA)
SìsaraMystery/Thriller (ITALY)
Stage Daddy Comedy (CANADA)
Standard ActionFantasy (CANADA)
Stay At Home MomFamily (UNITED STATES)
Stories of youth (A portrait of a generation)Documentary (NORWAY)
Street CutsDocumentary (UNITED STATES)
Sudden MasterAction/Adventure (CANADA)
Supernatural FandomReality (CANADA)
TeenagersDrama (CANADA)
The DriveDrama (CANADA)
The First MusketeerAction/Adventure (UNITED KINGDOM)
The ImpossibilitiesComedy (UNITED STATES)
The Kino-Edwards Picture ShowFantasy (UNITED STATES)
The Rolling SoldierMystery/Thriller (UNITED STATES)
The Story of CancerDocumentary (UNITED STATES)
The Village GreenComedy (CANADA)
Trials of SpringDocumentary (UNITED STATES)
Ty the Pie Guy Family (UNITED STATES)
Two Robots Talking Animation (CANADA)
UberdudeAnimation (CANADA)
Walking in Circles Fantasy (UNITED STATES)
Zac and MeComedy (AUSTRALIA)
ZOZO "The Fugitive of the Space”Animation (FRANCE)
Zyara Documentary (LEBANON)

Arthur - Nick Rusconi
Heard in Bars (Entendu Dans les Bars) - Louis-David Jutras
Les Berges (The Banks) - Adam Kosh
No More Parents (Avec pas de parents) - Benoit Lach
Number of Silence - Csongor Dobrotka
RAPT - Kieran J. Walsh
Sacrificed! In the Name of Science - Michelle Nash
Shorts About Giants - Sol Rietti
The Drive - Stuart Gillies
The story of Cancer - Tom Mason and Sarah Klein

Arthur - Ettore Nicoletti
Coded - Jarod Joseph
Couch Surfing - Jackson Rathbone
HIGH ROAD - Mark Mitchinson
Les Berges (The Banks) - Xavier Huard
The Drive - Zach Martin
Uberdude - Jeremy Diamond

Couch Surfing - Sarah Clarke
Nikola Tesla and the End of the World - Gillian MacGregor
Phoenix Run - Julianne Christie
RAPT - Sarah Jane Seymour
Teenagers (Season 2) - Chloe Rose
The Drive - Jennifer Cheon
The Impossibilities - Kathryn Rediger
AirLock - Tom Gleeson
Desenterrados - Xavi Cortez
Il Sonnambulo - Matthew Beecroft
Les Berges (The Banks) - Arnaud Dumas
Number of Silence - Jens Bambauer
RAPT - Russel Gleeson
Riftworld - Jason Webber
Stories Of Youth - Martin Slottemo Lyngstad, Aleksander Andersen, Lars Andreas Ellingsgard Øverli
The Impossibilities - Dagmar Weaver-Madsen
Zyara - Muriel Aboulrouss
Arthur - Chloe De Souza & Nick Rousconi
Coded - Steve Neufeld
Couch Surfing - Jackson Rathbone
Les Berges (The Banks) - Adam Kosh & Ariane Bessette
Mortus Corporatus - Thomas Pierre
No More Parents (Avec pas de parents) Benoit Lach & Vincent Lafortune
RAPT - Devin John Doyle
Teenagers (Season 2) - Mathew Murray & Garrett Hnatiuk
The First Musketeer - Harriet Sams
Uberdude - Jeremy Diamond

Nikola Tesla and the End of the World
Number of Silence
Phoenix Run

Listen Up: Making it at Berklee College of Music
Shorts About Giants
The Drive

Les Berges (The Banks)
Number of Silence

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